Something I wrote recently

I am one of thousands.

There are thousands of people in the world working to raise the consciousness of humanity. Some are in very traditional spiritual roles- the Imam, the rabbi, the preachers, the minister, the priest- that give as much as they can to help their fellow travelers, even if the larger groups they belong to are fading. There are those who spend all their time in prayer and meditation to help. There are many, like me, who work with the ancient ways, albeit with their own path.

I am one of thousands.
They work with the tools of modern medicine and with the most ancient of medicines. They work with sound, with energy, with roots and plants, with guides, with ancestors, with Gods and Goddesses from throughout the world, with alien beings and UFOS, with drum and rattle, with music, with meditations, with nature, with ancient scriptures and with scriptures they just wrote, with safe, gentle touch, with tools made from stone, crystal, shell and feather, with modern tools made with plastic and computer chips.

I am one of thousands.

They read with cards, with the stars, with runes, with bones, with water, with mirrors, with fire, with plant helpers and without. They lead groups small and large in guided meditations, shamanic journeys and healing ceremonies. They are the First Peoples, maintaining their traditions in the face of overwhelming odds. They are those of the dominant culture who have discovered a better way. They are young, they are old, they work for peace, for the earth, for each other.

I am one of thousands.
Like the acorns spread from a giant oak tree, there are hundreds of different seedlings sprouting up, all with their own gift. A few will become giants in their own right, most will help raise the spiritual awareness of humankind and then fade. My ego wants my work to become one of the giants, my soul just wants to help as many people as I can.

I am one of thousands.

There is much comfort in knowing that. When I get overwhelmed by the sadness and sorrow and pain in the world, I can remember the kindred spirits around me. When I stumble, others are there to lift me up and to do the work I cannot. I can, in turn, help others who stumble. When I die, there will be someone to take my place, to carry on.

I am one of thousands,

Or millions , perhaps.  I will work as hard and as long as I can to help the evolution of the collective soul of humanity. I believe we have incarnated now to help humans to level up, to become more. We’re at a critical juncture in our history as a species. We can learn to live with peace and love, treating everyone as a friend and a brother, our we will be one of the species that dies off in this great extinction.
One of the gifts I have been given is the absolute certainty that we will make it through this period and that a new era for humanity lies ahead.

Light & Love,


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