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Serenity Salt Cave

Want to share a wonderful place I’ve found in Lawrenceville. In the middle of a strip mall is a place called Serenity Salt Cave and Healing Center. The Photo above is me working in the space. The centerpiece of the …

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Te-lah-nay’s Wall part 2

If you haven’t read  part 1, I recommend doing that first: Te-lah-nay’s Wall part 1  My Mother was in the hospital in Arkansas and I went to visit her there. I spent a few minutes with an amethyst cluster and a …

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Te-lah-nay’s Wall part 1

I wanted to tell you of the most amazing place of the Divine Feminine that I know, Te-lah-nay’s Wall. Part 1 is a description of the wall itself, part 2 will be a description of my latest visit to the …

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