Testimonial House Blessing

A house blessing

The Dalai Lama once said, “Be kind whenever possible. It is always possible.” More than most people I have met, Dwight Harriman practices kindness “whenever possible.”

One of the more memorable kindnesses that Dwight practiced with me was the day he came to the home that my wife Nola and I had just purchased, and performed a house blessing with and for us.

On a calm, bright, late summer day, Dwight invoked the presence of spirits of the four winds, and of the animals of this place. He led us through the whole house, carrying the blessing into every corner of every space. Dwight blessed our house with silence and with words, with the rhythmic sounds of a rattle and of a Native American frame drum, with the sweet smoke of white sage that he brought with him, and that of a fresh bunch rosemary that he found growing in our new yard.

One of the most wonderful surprises of the ceremony was the feeling that welled up in me as Dwight led us, drumming steadily, down the main hallway at the center of the house. “This is nice,” I thought, “I’m really happy.” A moment later another thought came, that this feeling seemed much more powerful than what I usually thought of as happiness, and was probably what people were referring to when they used the word “joy.”

Dwight’s leadership through these sacred moments is an important part of of the transformation of a new house into our new home, a place that is a blessing to us, a place of peace, beauty, and refreshment, and a place which we are blessed to be able to share with others.

- C. N., Decatur, Georgia


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