New Business Cards

business card
Hello All,
I just got new business cards printed recently. These are my first cards with my likeness on them.
It appears that I’m alone on the card, but that’s hardly the case.
There are so many layers of connection here.
First, Danielle S Ross took the photo. She's great, highly recommend her for any photography.
The eco printed scarf I’m using as an Alb was made by Judy Forster .
Lalah Manly wrapped the crystal points unseen at the end of the necklace. Crystal I mined in Arkansas.
The shell and the wing were given to me by friends.
The Sage I’m burning to produce the smoke came from Forever and a Day in Woodstock.
That’s the first layer. Other layers include: the leaves used to make the eco print came from my neighbor’s yards.
The owners and workers of the mines who allow me to collect amazing crystals.
The hundreds of people involved creating, manufacturing and retailing the cameras and copying equipment needed to produce these cards.
It just goes on, no one does anything by themselves, even if they are the only ones visible.

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