Come walk this path with me, for an hour, a day, or longer...

If the path you've been walking on no longer serves you, then come with me

And try  the way of the most ancient Spiritual practice.

I have always been a shaman.


I didn't always know that.  I thought the strange things that happened to me and my proclivity towards altered states had no meaning, when instead they were part of an overarching pattern in the spirituality of my life. I have tried many paths in my journey.  Different religions, different teachers, intellectual study, mood altering chemicals & alcohol, recovery from said chemicals and alcohol, prayer and meditation have all led me back to the most ancient of spiritual practices.

I have a degree in anthropology and learned the definition of the Shaman to be “an intermediary between this world and the spirit world.” While accurate, those words are inadequate to describe my experience, in much the same way that a picture of the Grand Canyon is not the same as being there.


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Testimonial House Blessing:

...Dwight’s leadership through these sacred moments was an important part of of the transformation of a new house into our new home... C.N.

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Mini Testimonies:
Shorter comments people have made about my work.
"The hug (during the journey) was like every hug I've ever had rolled into one." R.L.

"The shield you helped me build is great. The shield cut me off from a troublesome person who just would not let go of some energetic ties to me. It has been great! Thank you!!" C.A.

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Testimonial Healing Ceremony:

...On a sunny fall day, you stepped into my home and I felt peace wash down the walls. For the first time, I believed that the peace you said was possible actually could be mine... S.M.E.

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Testimonial Private Sessions:

...Dwight was able to create a safe space for my inner kids to express themselves, and honored their emerging understandings and boundaries with dignity and sensitivity... H.I.C.

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Testimonial Celebration of Life Ceremony

Dear Dwight, I wanted to write to you and say thank you for creating such a peaceful and loving celebration of life for my son. You manifested such sacred and synchronized intention, through your drum and song... A.B.C.

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