Testimonial Healing Ceremony

Dear Dwight,

As you know, for nearly two decades I have battled the lingering emotional effects of a horrific trauma. Years of therapy helped me cope with and temper most of the symptoms of post traumatic distress disorder. But every year, dread creeps from the lengthening dusk and grief and fear grip me for more and more of daylight as the anniversary of the crime approaches. Sleep is riddled with the shrapnel of nightmares and I wake exhausted.

This year had to be different, I thought in September. I am ready to rid myself once and for all of these deathly ghosts of the past and ready to open myself fully to all that life can offer. Talking with a dear friend, I shared my pain and my resolve and she suggested I meet with you about doing some Shamanic work.

On a sunny fall day, you stepped into my home and I felt peace wash down the walls. For the first time, I believed that the peace you said was possible actually could be mine, that the days of this October would not be bound by those old invisible shackles of fear and dread, that my heart would not race from the rustling of the turning leaves, that the nightmares would cease. And so we began the first of three sessions, two individual sessions and one group workshop.

Dwight, I am so grateful to you because the peace you said was possible is real! Through a shamanic journey I saw myself free from those deathly spirits, and saw instead my Protector Animal, the Owl, keeping watch over me for God, encircling me with her expansive wings, protecting me. I felt the fear and the dread leave me and that ghastly pall of evil from that night long ago dissipated like a puff of water vapor, and it never returned. Peace and strength fill me now, and I have a sense of wholeness that I never before had.

Today, Dwight, thanks to Shamanic work with you, I also have peace regarding my mother, who suddenly died a year ago. It was after you talked and drummed me and the other workshop participants through a guided meditation about letting go of unfinished business from the just ended year and visualizing peace in the New Year. I opened my eyes and there, on my blanket, was a strand of her hair: a platinum curl in a room absent of anyone with anything lighter than brown hair. As you placed your hands on my head and prayed, I felt her embrace me, affirm me, and I was freed of pain and filled only with her pure, unending love.

Dwight, I wish I could give you something in measure of the renewed life and peace you have given to me as a Shaman. I want everyone to know that you are the Real Deal, a healer ordained and empowered by God to do transformational work. I can give you my deep and most fervent gratitude and my strongest endorsement of your healing work.

Should someone else be reading this letter of endorsement, I urge you to give yourself the gift of time with Dwight, to embark with him on a healing Shamanic journey. It was one of the best things I have done for myself and it may be the best thing you can do for yourself, too.

Thank you, Dwight.

Peace and Love,


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