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I was delighted to discover that Dwight was a Shaman not long after we met, because I already appreciated his humor, honesty, compassion, integrity, and insight.  I was on the lookout for a shaman, as I was deep in a therapeutic process to heal severe childhood abuse, and wanted to get more support in the “spiritual/energetic” realms.  Dwight fit in to my healing protocol seamlessly.  I had no idea what to expect, and discovered that each session was customized to respond to my needs of the moment and beyond.  I had over a hundred dissociated parts within me, and Dwight was able to create a safe space for my inner kids to express themselves, and honored their emerging understandings and boundaries with dignity and sensitivity.

In almost every session, we were able to identify a specific objective, and then Dwight would develop what might be called an “intervention,” using one or two of his many shamanic tools.  He showed us how to use them for ourselves, and we now have these tools that connect us to a Loving Presence, help us communicated amongst ourselves, so to speak, become grounded or more present, protect ourselves energetically. He also re-connected me with the entire Shamanic realm of All My Relations, Ntakweasan.  I have many new teachers.  I’m learning about the world of “the creepy crawlies”—the six-or-more-legged nations.  Currently, for example, I am apprenticing in Gnat-medicine.  This has been a humbling, fascinating, and entertaining experience worth the price of admission alone!

Dwight and I did a lot of energy work, typically using guided meditations, that was powerful, subtle, and gentle.  I always felt so much better after our sessions and grateful that I have been able to give myself this gift.  I have many more good days, I am more frequently functional, I am more resilient and proactive, and most importantly, I am more integrated–which gives more of me access to more of my assets much more of the time.  My “littles” are working through their issues and get to spend more time just being kids.  My “bigs” are learning how to take care of us.  My relationships continue to get healthier, more nurturing and more fun. I still have a long way to go on my journey, but I have also come a long way.    He has been vital and integral part of this “self-organized” healing adventure.  I thank the Universe that he is in it!



My support team includes a psychiatrist, therapist, massage therapist, nutritionist, yoga teacher, amazing husband, supportive friends and family, and Dwight.

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  1. I found I couldn’t stop myself from smiling while I read your testimonial. It made me feel that good! To know there truly is hope out there for all of us who’s childhood was steeped in trauma is incredibly uplifting!

    Thank you for your strength and for sharing part of your journey from a very dark place. Your light is shining bright!


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