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4.3.2020 personal spread

I have been learning Tarot, taking lessons from a master, thanks Sara Amis. It has been a wonderful learning experience.  I don't think of it a as divination so much as clarification. It's a way for my intuition to speak to me. And, when I read for others, for their intuition to speak.

I have reached the point where the next step is reading for others, which would be easier in normal times. However, I am going to do zoom readings with Tarot, offering free/love offering readings for a while. [I can also do an Intuitive Feather Reading if you prefer, but today's post is focused on Tarot]

This is a reading for myself from a couple of days ago. Intended to post this that day and discovered there's some fear involved in stepping out with a new skill. The only thing to do is to take a deep breath and post this.

Thwarted is a term that came to me to represent a state between upright and reversed. How that came to me is the subject for another post. This is a Celtic cross with four extra cards on the left hand side. The card being covered up is the first card laid down.

It's Strength, reminding me that I do have gifts to share with the world in these times.

The card overlaid is the second.
The Magician, which I internally translate, for myself, to Shaman. There is still magic in the world, which I can remind people of. Both of the first cards have the symbol of infinity, reminding me the source of my gifts is Spirit.

The King of Swords reminds me to pay attention to those who truly know. To pay attention to the true authorities- I'm thinking of Dr. Fauci here.

The Six of Swords tell me that I am to help others in their journey through this perilous time.

The King of Cups thwarted lets me know that my normal vision and emotional wisdom has been upended in these times, but that I can regain it.

The Three of Pentacles says that the the previous era of my life is ending and new projects are at hand. Online readings, for example.

The Judgment card is in the position of how others view me. It's thwarted because I have withdrawn too much in the last couple of weeks. I can still help others, I do need to adapt to the changing times.

The Seven of Pentacles is reversed and represents all the work I did setting up shows, workshops and classes for the next few months. None of them will happen now.

The Moon represents my hopes [the previous card my fears]. That I can rely on my intuition in this new time. That, just like the phases of the moon, good times will return.

The King of Wands is the results card for this spread. Here, it represents that I can successfully do the work involved in making my way in this new world.

That's the ten cards from a Celtic Spread. The four remaining cards are optional if you want/need clarification. I have discovered for myself that I like the symmetry of the extra cards.

The Ten of Wands lets me know there is much work to do and that I can do it.

The Six of Wands lets me know that there will be small victories along the way.

The Ace of Pentacles is saying that a way to thrive in these times is being presented to me.

The High Priestess is a reminder of how important the Divine Feminine is right now, and again, to listen to those who have wisdom.

If you're interested in a zoom reading, email me and we'll get it set up.

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