Lessons from the Tarot

Tarot pull 9.24.2020 edit

I recently bought a new Tarot deck, it's another Rider Waite Smith deck, but the production values on the new deck are much higher. It's like when you first get glasses and go, oh that's what a tree looks like.  Many details that I had read about in commentary on the cards I can now actually see.

And, I keep getting taught by the Tarot. With my new deck, I decided I wouldn't deal with reversed cards for a bit. So, I was careful not to turn any  cards around.  It turns out, though, I'm supposed to have reversed cards. In my morning pull two days ago, a Celtic Cross of ten cards, four were reversed. Keep in mind, I had made sure not to reverse any cards. I checked the deck and over a third of the cards were reversed.

The next morning, for emphasis, all ten cards were reversed. So, apparently, I need to work with reversed cards.


PS: The 6 of Pentacles was reversed when I pulled it.

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